Cao Minghao and Cheng Jian Jun Water System Museum

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In Guangtan village, the lower reaches of Dujiangyan, there is a ferry boat which is not used and not rented out. This boat has been left unused and becomes a spectacle.

In this process, this unused boat helps build the relationship between people living here and the water system. Nowadays, this boat has become a carrier (container) for reading and writing, which establishes a new conversation place with this virtualized water system museum. In the former period of creation, some ship building workers are invited to make a new ship building place. At the very beginning, we talk about ship building skills, eat and drink together. Gradually, we build ships together. Taking existing wood and unused boats as fundamental materials, the local ship builders apply their skills to build a new ship. Moreover, the geographic characteristics of the water system are borrowed to discuss the relationship between people and the water system. In the conversation along the river, the transportation route of water system museum is decided; meanwhile, people living along the riverside are also invited to the construction of water system museum, which is also carried to the exhibition place in Yulei mountain, Dujiangyan.