Moritz Dornauf Five steps to heaven

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A Bridge through a gate.

Gates and bridges in Yulei Mountain: gates to pass through, to go from one section to another and bridges to cross over, to reach another bank.

Five steps up and five steps down.

Water, wood, fire, metal, earth, the Five elements in Chinese tradition. They can help or weaken each other.

Eight pieces of wood build the gate. The Bagua contains eight main changing patterns of the Tai Chi. Eight to eight makes the 64 images, possibilities in the book of changes, the I Ging.

Gold inside - structure outside: what do you want, gold inside or gold outside?

Five Steps to Heaven

Step 1.: Leaving Mother Earth

Step 2.: Get the illusion that you are above everything

Step 3.: Two steps up? Two steps down? Choose, where to go.

Step 4.: It really goes up now, you lose contact with the earth, the air is different, not many people can follow you - but you are not on the top, yet.

Step 5.: Hurray, you have reached the top! Gold is everywhere, you see the sky, and perhaps far down you see people, are they waving to you? The platform on the top is very small. Did you feel safe? You can't really move and above is the sky. Can you fly? You have three options: stay - jump and try to fly - five steps to mother earth. What will you do?