Barbara Beisinghoff Celestial Canopy

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Assistance Katharina Eckert

Communicative project with students from Chengdu

Walking and pausing under the Celestial Canopy, we see daylight from above. Through the holes of the patterns we envisage star clusters of the night sky. Had star maps been a guide for the merchants on the Tea and Horse Route?

We are inspired by Shu brocade, by the Sun Bird of Jinsha and the bronze trees of Sanxingdui. These cosmic trees or life-giving trees were 3 m high, like my Celestial Canopy. They were the axis mundi like ladders to ascend into heaven, for the communication between humans and gods.

The light of the sky passes through the perforated roof. Seven copper plates use light patterns to represent our cosmos: Water and the irrigation system of the Minjiang; Earth and plants; Sun and seasons; Light and inspiration with numerous birds as symbols of spirits; Stars and dreams; Humans and energy; Trails and environment.

Immateriality turns into enlightenment. The Canopy is dedicated to the Celestial Master and the people of Dunjiangyan.