Jens J. Meyer Temple of Inspiration

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The word Inspiration comes from inspirare (lat.), einhauchen (ger.), breathe, blow, respire, inspire... It means the coming up of ideas, so it seems, that ideas are coming with the wind, or with the air we are breathing. At the same time we can find inspiring places. Places where we feel well, where we like to stay and where our mind is at ease, so that new ideas can come flowing into our mind.

My idea was to find an inspiring place on Yu Lei Mountain and to make it visible with a fabric installation, creating a site for contemplation.

The Temple of Inspiration is repeating the historical situation of Yu Lei Mountain:

Two gates, a path going up and a temple uphill.

Coming through one of the gates you are invited to leave the main stream and walk up the path to enter into the textile installation. Once inside you feel the special spirit, which the Musa tree (fiber banana plant) gives to this site and with the change of perspective you can discover the dialog between art, nature and people. The sunlight is shadow-painting onto the white fabric, the branches and leaves are creating images like old Chinese ink drawings, changing during the day - a real-time projection of nature on art.

Take a little time, which is essential to experience something, breathe (inspirare), listen to the wind and the sounds of nature (the doing nothing of the Dao), and you might find inspiration come flowing into your mind.